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You’re Big, Not Slow. A large employee population comes with its own set of challenges and complexity. It also comes with the increasing pressure from leadership to be more agile today, when your business just as likely to compete with other industry goliaths as it will with companies a fraction of your size. Your workforce and HR strategies require technology that can support your complexity, while also innovating for the next workforce, HR, or Talent trend. HRWins will help you get the right context on HR technology that has been purpose built for employers of your size.


EXCLUSIVE: Acadian Ventures New Fund Launched

EXCLUSIVE: Acadian Ventures New Fund Launched

Get ready for the next wave of innovation in Work Tech! In an exclusive interview hosted on WorkTech, Acadian's Founder and General Partner, Jason Corsello, share the details about their latest venture - the Acadian Fund II. The fund that's nearly 3X the size of its...

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