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With engagement models that support tech providers of any stage or size, WorkTech’s Advisory Services have been leveraged by industry stalwarts, high-growth startups, and everything in between. The depth of insight and experience from WorkTech and its exclusive Advisory Network will get your strategy on the right path and help you scale faster.

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Generic market reports that weren’t built to drive strategy don’t help. Align your strategic and operational assumptions with market intelligence bespoke to your product and ICP. Understand the opportunities for your Work Tech business. TAM, SAM, and SOM models across modern and emerging geographies. Global Work Tech growth capital and investor data. M & A data and current metrics. Tech adoption and budget trends. Global market landscape across 60+ categories.

B2B buyers are increasingly research-based. Meet them where they are and where they’re headed with their HR tech stack by leveraging best-in-class research. Connect the dots between macro, economic, and workforce trends driving the future of work; employers’ current use of and future adoption and spending plans for Work Tech and HR Tech; and the growth capital fueling industry innovation. The research we develop to inform your strategy can also be leveraged into incredible sponsored thought leadership that comes with credible third party validation from the market’s most trusted source of market intelligence.

Whether it’s a quick engagement to review and provide feedback on your product and strategy, a project-based engagement to develop strategic scenarios, or longer-term advisory engagements, WorkTech and its exclusive Advisory Network deliver exclusive insights that identify and validate target markets, differentiate products and services, and effectively go to market, driving value for your business. Achieve or validate your product-market-fit, lock in your ICP, business model, or market messaging. Connect to the right ecosystem, partners, investors, and community. 

You’re probably too close to your business to develop the kind of perspective WorkTech brings to every engagement. Land on the right strategy, story, pitch deck, and fundraising plan for your Work Tech business. Whatever your stage of business or Work Tech category, get market intelligence to inform your next raise from advisors that will tell it to you straight, whether validating or challenging you.

Whether you’re looking for a targeted list of tech providers to acquire, the companies may benefit from acquiring you, or even your next partner, don’t start with brute force research  combing through generic data, or the last few shops you or your analysts have seen. WorkTech supports your C-suite, executives, and Corporate Development teams with exclusive data and insights that inform the “build, buy, or partner” decision. Exclusive data-driven insights to inform your approach and targets. We connect tech providers with acquirers.

Do you need to fill product gaps or establish better distribution? Are you trying to enter a new market segment, industry, or buyer persona? Or do you need to integrate to leverage data in your customers’ tech stacks? WorkTech and its exclusive Advisory Network don’t just understand the market landscape, they’re connected to it. Whether growing your ecosystem or deciding which to participate in, get exclusive insights and access to connections across Work and HR Tech.

Engagement Models For Tech Providers of All Stages and Sizes

Value Exchange Briefings

Brief WorkTech for the potential to get included in our market reports, landscapes, and industry presentations. But this isn’t just one-way exchange of value. You’ll get feedback and data-driven insights based on what we see and or the questions you bring with you. Not a billable event. A great chance to get your product exposure, learn what value WorkTech can add, and whether WorkTech is right for you.

Strategy Pulse Session

You’ve developed a strategy but would love an objective third party that understands the market and can deliver data-driven insights that will either validate or challenge parts of your thesis and plan. Depending on the scope, these sessions are normally delivered in 1/4 to 1 day of elapsed time. 

Project-based Engagements

We’ll define success together. Establish a scope for any deliverables coming your way. Identify WorkTech and WorkTech Advisory Network resources and get to work. Leverage our data, our experience, and our networks to deliver.

Ongoing Advisory

Sometimes, this takes the shape of a classic strategic advisory relationship. Sometimes, it’s shaped more like a fractional role digging in with your team(s). The scope, goals, and objectives can change as the engagement evolves.

Advisory Boards

Get insights into how to shape and run your advisory board. Take WorkTech’s insights and execute on your own, or leverage WorkTech’s network to create or complete your team of advisors. More than a group of headshots on your website, WorkTech helps you build advisory teams that strive to reach an agreed-upon definition of success and business outcomes through guidance and service to your C-suite.

WorkTech Advisory Network

WorkTech’s exclusive Advisory Network is a trusted cohort of individuals and firms in the market today that have earned WorkTech’s trust. This group of experienced executives, operators, and investors brings expertise that augments or adds to your experience with WorkTech. With expertise across the spectrum of scaling SaaS in the Global Work and HR Tech markets, WorkTech is uniquely qualified to help with Strategy, M&A, fundraising, revenue operations, sales, marketing, HR and compliance, workforce planning, finding the people to execute your strategy, and more.

WorkTech focuses on helping our clients and partners achieve success as they’ve defined it. When our Advisory Network members flourish, so do our customers. For this reason, our model doesn’t include revenue shares for work that our partners deliver.

To explore becoming a part of the WorkTech Advisory Network contact us via the form on this page.

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