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You want to be at the forefront of recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best talent – we can help. HR leaders at companies of all sizes and industries engage with WorkTech to gain a strong understanding of the global work technology landscape and help shape the future of their people-focused organizations.

We can help you validate your strategy and build your business case when it comes to HR technology. With access to the world’s most comprehensive work tech database, we lay out the technology landscape, help you evaluate which solutions will meet your needs, and connect you with resources to help with the vendor selection process. Our advisory services include access to in-depth research, exclusive content, and half- or full-day consulting engagements.

Why WorkTech Advisory?

You should be confident in the vendor you are selecting – and assured that their business will be around 12 months from now and beyond. We maintain the only global database that is vetted and categorized across all of work and HR tech (no one else does this!). With access to over 100 data sources (and growing), our corporate clients can tap into this knowledge base and gain a perspective that goes far beyond product features and functions, to really evaluate a vendor in terms of their longevity and financial profile.

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