The writing is on the wall. Everywhere I go.

Conversion rates are slipping. Buying behavior is changing. The content marketing is working, but the sales people can’t turn the leads into opportunities.

HR technology sales teams are trying to have the conversations that worked for years with the buyer, but no one is having it.

Here’s the problem. We changed marketing in B2B software faster than we changed sales.

It’s time.

It’s time to look at enabling your customers. To educate and enable your sales team to engage the customer with the same kind of conversation during their initial connection that you are having with your initial content. It’s time to look at the sales team, sales process, and methodology and build around customer success, not sales conversion. If you start engaging the buyer with their success in mind from the first interaction, the conversions will come.

I’ve been aligning thought leadership and content with sales conversions for more than 10 years. Always with great success. You can’t apply the same old sales approach any more. The buyer knows too much before they ever engage you or your content. They also hate to be sold to. Who doesn’t?

This is more than having a good script for your sales people. This is commiting to a fundamental shift in the way you sell your technology and engage the buyer. This takes a top down commitment to differentiating not just with your features, but with the way you engage the buyer.

This issue is the number one thing I see holding back startups.

This issue is the number one thing I see impacting established vendors’ conversion rates.

I can make an impact with a sales and marketing team in one day, outlining a new approach to engage the customer. But, it requires the ongoing commitment to engaging your customer differently in this new world of frictionless B2B sales that you need to get right. And keep getting right.

The shops that make that commitment? They get their funding. They get profitable. They get a sustainable and predictable revenue model. They get their market leadership position.

Did I hit a nerve? Did I miss the mark? How are you dealing with rapidly changing HR tech buying landscape? Let me know in the comments, or send me a private email using the form below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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