Employee communications and collaboration is becoming a very crowded category. LumApps is the latest entry, raising a $24 million Series B. Comms and collaboration has been one of the more consistent funding trends we’ve seen over the last 2 years. It’s also where B2B productivity apps and HR tech overlap/collide. We’ve been studying employee experience for several years, and as more independent apps like LumApps emerge, we also see platforms in and outside of HR tech beef up collaboration and communication features in order to improve the employee experience, increase engagement, bolster company culture, and increase productivity. Sound like a tall order? That’s because employee experience really does encompass everything. No one would dispute that communication is key to culture, engagement, and experience, but we see this category heading for a reckoning of sorts – Does employee experience require an app layer that integrates across G Suite, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Slack, and myriad of B2B and HR tech platforms and apps that are in play within an enterprise? Or, will employee experience and communications become more native -integrated across these B2B and HR tech platforms? It’s an interesting space to watch. Another category where vendor consolidation is likely.

From TechCrunch:

LumApps, the “social intranet” for the enterprise, has closed $24 million in Series B funding. The round is led by previous backer IdInvest, and will be used to scale LumApps’ global sales and marketing and accelerate product development.Founded in Paris in 2012 — and now also with offices in London, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York — LumApps has developed a social web-styled intranet for enterprises to let company employees better connect and collaborate.The solution integrates with both G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Sharepoint, and is accessible via mobile. Overall, it is designed to serve as a central hub for personalized content, social communications, work tools and enterprise applications.“We launched LumApps Social Intranet solution in 2015, after our historical customer Veolia asked us to create a platform based on their needs,” “LumApps founder and CEO Sébastien Ricard tells me. “We quickly realized there was a massive demand for modern intranets from all companies, to transform internal communications and the employee experience”.

Source: LumApps raises $24M Series B for its ‘social intranet’ | TechCrunch

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