HRWins Companies To Watch: Employee Experience Is Everything
Employee Experience is fast becoming the lens that all of HR’s work is viewed. Starting pre-hire while candidates interact with an employer’s brand and expectations are set. Then, reinforced during the onboarding process and cemented through every day of employment.
Employee Experience is the sum total of the tangible and intangible experiences that your employees have.
We’ve learned that employee engagement isn’t an outcome, and that culture is too complex for most companies to measure with a consistency that can be tied to business performance. We’re beginning to  see now that by landing on a clear definition of Employee Experience we can then draw better correlations between HR and business outcomes.
The following vendors are pushing their products and services to deliver better experience to employees and users at all phases of the lifecycle. Based on research with thousands of employers and hundreds of technology briefings spanning more than a year, I give you the latest installment of the HRWins Companies To Watch:


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