There is a place where HR feels more like the business of getting work done and less like the compliance police.  That place is in companies with between 100 and 5000 employees.  The larger shops in what we call the Small to Medium Size Business (SMB) segment.  In this part of the SMB, HR’s existence is based on a connection to getting work done.  Helping the organization reach it’s goals.  This segment dwarfs the enterprise segment, and it’s where most of America works.  If HR Tech can continue to better serve and empower the SMB segment, it could find itself re-defining HR Tech categories in the enterprise.  Maybe.

Based on the number of products and go-to-market efforts being focused on the segment, 2015 may well be the year for HR technology to go beyond just payroll and job boards in the midmarket. Vendors in almost all segments of HR technology declared a dedicated product and/or go-to-market effort focused exclusively on the SMB market. The implications are huge for both the vendors across segments and for HR in general.

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