Hiring Work Tech

Budgets, Spend, and Success

We’re defining the work tech market, and we’re starting with hiring.

Take ten minutes to confidentially share perspective on your talent acquisition tech and roll into 2023 with a new understanding of:

How your current tech spend compares to companies like yours.
How much you should budget for the tech you’ll add next year. 
Which talent acquisition tech aligns with your future of work.

Survey participants get first access to results and an opportunity to engage with a WorkTech analyst for custom insights.

WorkTech Research Agenda

Hiring WorkTech

Survey: OPEN NOW! Initial Advisory Insights: November 2022 Report: January 2023

Core WorkTech

Survey: Q4 2022 Initial Advisory Insights: February 2023 Report: March 2023

EX WorkTech

Survey: Q1 2023 Initial Advisory Insights: May 2023 Report: June 2023

Talent WorkTech

Survey: Q2 2023 Initial Advisory Insights: August 2023 Report: September 2023

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