HR Tech starts Monday.  Safe travels and good luck!


Quick post today… Hey, I need to squeeze some time in with the kids, and be ready for the show, too!

So, I’ve been drilling down into the content that we’ve indexed around the show.  We’ve basically indexed all of the social media that could be found, leading into HR Tech, since late August.  I’ve been taking it category by category, focusing on prominent (read: volume) and/or leading vendors in each category  … looking at the tweets, blog posts, statuses, etc. that were put out by the vendor – really looking at the messaging.  Then I click through, if relevant, and get more perspective on the campaign that might be running, or the overall messaging and positioning.

The result?

I’ve got bad news and good news for the vendors attending HR Tech.  Let’s start with the bad, so we can finish feeling good.

The bad news is that the market is still HIGHLY fragmented, regardless of acquisitions that have taken place in the last year or two… and on top of being fragmented, there is little to no differentiation between vendors in any given HCM category.

The good news?  If you are a vendor and run out of any marketing materials at the show, you can borrow some from any competitor – because you are all saying the same things.

It would be one thing if the messaging was on target, but it generally isn’t.  It’s a buzzword-laden stream of consciousness that makes the vendor feel good when they say it – but, leaves the buyer/customer still asking “So, what is it you do for me, again?”

This wasn’t a surprise for me.  But, it doesn’t get any less painful to see it.  It’s why I started consulting – to help vendors differentiate and drive real results – and it is the reason LAROCQUE exists.

See you at the show!



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