Differentiation. That’s really what I help HCM Vendors achieve – on the whole, or for a specific product.

Break through the noise – with your brand, with your message, your social media, with your marketing and sales tactics – and define yourself in a way that the HR Buyer can understand, and can understand what makes you different from your competition.

I work fairly exclusively with Human Capital Management technology and service Vendors. I help with Strategy (Product, Marketing, Sales), Branding, Messaging, Marketing, and Sales.

My clients range from start-ups to large enterprises. The work that I do can be across an entire company’s product or service line, or focused on one product or market.

Most of the vendors I have seen in the HCM space have a big problem with differentiation. I can help. That’s why I’m here.

Do you have a problem with differentiation at any level? You can always reach me here.



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