Thirteen days (8 business days) until HR Tech kicks off.

A quick post today.  I’m developing some deeper posts for the rest of the week.

I’m just going to say this:  DEMAND/LEAD GENERATION IS SO 2000.

Direct marketing, SEO, CPC/PPC, Email Marketing, PR, Inside Sales, Telemarketing, etc., etc., etc. >>> These things all have their place in the marketing and sales mix, and are all required elements of a good marketing plan.  But they are pointless in this HCM space if your brand and messaging are not coordinated across your entire company, internally and externally.

Branding & Messaging are the new battleground for the HCM Vendors – Branding & Messaging that makes it’s way into every sales, service, employee, investor, analyst, board, investor, partner, reseller, industry expert, media, and competitor conversation or touch point.

Branding and Messaging, tied with Marketing and Sales Operational Excellence – that’s differentiation in this overly-fragmented HCM market.

Branding is not the color palette and images on your website, collateral, and stationery – that is one little piece.  In this market Branding is what you do, what you say you do, and whether you deliver it.

It’s what makes you different.  It’s what drives deals.

I like to call it Brand Execution.

That’s where we’ll go next – A closer look at what Branding is in the HCM space, and an example of what I mean by brand execution.




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