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If you’re an HR Tech Vendor and you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you know that I’ve been challenging the market to innovate in the wake of recent acquisition activity.  I truly believe that there is an opportunity for innovative HR Tech vendors to execute and become the next big thing in HR Tech.

Bill Kutik noticed and asked if, as a simple favor to him, after July Fourth, I would forward him my short list of vendors that are innovative to be considered for his “Awesome New Technologies in HR” session at the 2012 HR Technology® Conference & Expo this October in Chicago.

My answer?  Of course!  When I see something truly innovative happening in the world of HR technology, I’m happy to tell anyone and everyone about it.  If I can help a vendor get noticed by Bill, and then highlighted at THE industry event  of the year for HR technology, well it’s a favor worth doing.

I’m not just going to whisper in Bill’s ear about a client.  I am going to look at as many products as possible between now and then and provide a Scouting Report to Bill to have in his pocket as he starts his own vendor evaluations.  Bill has told me what he’s looking for this year, and I’m very familiar with the process.  Now, I can’t guarantee that Bill will pick you if you make the top of my list… however, three of the vendors I’ve been an executive for have won a coveted HR Executive Magazine “Top 10 Products of the Year” award during my watch.

Understand, you can apply directly to Bill after July Fourth (not before). Just email him AFTER JULY FOURTH, and he’ll give you time for a WebEx.  While you don’t need me to get in front of Bill after July Fourth, an investment of 30 minutes with me will probably get you more prepared than you are now…. and your chance to talk with Bill starts after July Fourth … that’s only 2 months away folks!!!

Who’s eligible?  Any vendor, of any size, that has a new technology product solving a new, or existing, HR challenge.

How do you get in my Scouting Report?  Schedule a 10 minute briefing and 20 minute demo with me.

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