Every year we scour the lists from Y Combinator’s demo days. This year, as reported by TechCrunch, 166 startups were unveiled over two days to Silicon Valley investors, influencers, and media to pitch their companies and tech. Based our our review, twelve of them fall in the HR technology market. Each of those twelve has received the standard $150K Seed investment from Y Combinator.

These startups cover the current list of trends-du-jour in HR tech. Nine of the twelve are in recruiting tech (5 job board marketplaces, 2 sourcing and engagement tools, 1 staff augmentation service, and 1 new LinkedIn competitor). Oustide of recruiting there is one startup focused on immigration and relocation, one employee collaboration and communication too, and one new employee mentoring app.

None of these startups jump out as ground-breaking or new. They all join crowded categories and sub-categories. Many of their websites read like features we see across HR tech point solutions and platforms today. However, this list represents very early stage startups. We see many later stage Y Combinator startups in HR tech, and those lucky enough to attract a more substantial Seed round, or even an A, tend to extend their product offering, or even pivot based on what they learn as they go to market.

Here are the twelve HR tech startups we noted:

Alana: A job board marketplace focused on “blue collar” workers in Latin America.

DirectShifts: A job board marketplace focused on gig/shift work for doctors.

Dover: A candidate sourcing and engagement tool that is fully automated.

Flo Recruit: An app for event-based recruiting.

GitStart: A job board marketplace that trains and ranks developers, using your backlog.

Localyze: Automating tasks for international employee relocation, including immigration, moving, and housing.

Microverse: Peer-to-peer learning (no teachers) for engineers in emerging countries. Engineers pay 15% of salary after placement.

Outtalent: Job board marketplace for experienced engineers in emerging countries.

Sling Health: Virtual teams for doctors’ offices to increase scale, decrease labor costs, and improve patient experience.

Tandem Chat: A collaboration platform for remote/distributed teams. See the work as it gets done – see which apps your colleagues are in at the moment – and engage with them.

Together: An “end-to-end” employee mentoring app.

TrustedFor: An invitation-only professional network that wants to take on LinkedIn.


Here are the complete lists and coverage of Y Combinator startups from both S19 demo days via TechCrunch. Let us know if we missed any.


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