WorkBoard is the latest performance management app to raise VC with their recently announced $30 million Series C round. The company focuses on bringing OKR-based performance management to “every enterprise.” A model we’ve seen get out of the blocks with a great burst before. However, most vendors entering the space ultimately learn that in talent management and HR in general, one size never fits all. Employers have been moving away from stacked rankings and traditional annual performance reviews for some time. However, our research suggests that while the move away from stacked rankings was relatively quick, the move to more continuous performance management has been a slower evolution and many times is augmenting the annual review which is still the staple for compensation reviews and bonus adjustments.

More on this in the 2019 Workplace Intelligence Report. 

Source: WorkBoard triples again in 2019, raises $30M from a16z to celebrate | TechCrunch

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