VNDLY is the latest of the “new VMS” startups to raise VC funding with a $35 million Series B. From what we’ve seen in the market, this new breed is largely similar to curent VMS systems, which provide largely back-office capabilities for managing and paying a large number of independent, or agency provided, contractors. The new wrinkle looks to be in usability/user interface, and extending that to the line managers that are hiring the independents. While the site speaks to “sourcing” this looks to be “intake” vs recruiting, as it does with other “new VMS” offerings.

From what we’ve seen, none of this new breed of VMS do anything to integrate contingent workforce planning, recruiting, or management into the broader context of an employer’s workforce and culture.

Source: VNDLY Raises $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Insight Partners

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