VCV, the latest entry into the digital interview space just raised $1.7 million with a value proposition focused on passive candidate assessment via speech and voice recognition. HRWins work in the field shows slow adoption by large enterprise employers of these capabilities. While there is general trepidation about the implications on candidate privacy and candidate experience, there is also a general understanding that these capabilities are evolving. The assessment category is large, but there are also myriad approaches to assessment and varying opinions on assessment science. We’ve long held the belief that the assessment and selection space is ripe for disruption by a vendor that can make assessments less cumbersome for both employers and candidates, and more affordable for employers. However, timing on this category will be the key variable that would impact the success of a solution like VCV, given that the digital interview category is a crowded one.

From TechCrunch:

VCV.AI, has now raised $1.7 million to automatically screens job candidates using facial and voice recognition. Yes, it looks like another episode of Black Mirror is on its way…The investment comes from Japanese VC Will Group, Talent Equity Ventures, 500 Startups and angel investors, including Masahiro Takeshima of Indeed. The funding will help VCV continue to develop its technology and strengthen its position, and will also see it opening an office in Tokyo, Japan.VCV claims it can help eliminate human bias from the hiring process with preliminarily screening of candidates, automated screening calls, and by conducting these robo-video interviews with voice recognition and video recording.

Source: The robot-recruiter is coming — VCV’s AI will read your face in a job interview | TechCrunch

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