UK-based MindLabs Raises USD $3.45M for “Live” Mental Wellness App
MindLabs eyes to launch world’s first live mental health platform in Q1 2022, raises £2.5M funding2021-10-07

UK-based MindLabs announced a USD $3.45M Seed Round for its mental wellness app. The round was led by PROfounders Capital. There are a growing number of mental wellness “marketplaces” that connect consumers or employees to coaches or therapists. Betterup, the mental wellbeing and coaching app that has Prince Harry on its board, recently announced a $300 million Series F  for its marketplace, and is one of several highly capitalized players in the space. What looks to be a differentiator for Mindlabs is their focus on live content in the form of classes, based largely on the founders’ backgrounds in media. Mindlabs expects to launch the platform in Q1 2022.

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