UK-based Metaview Raises USD $6 Million for Its Digital Interview App Promising Better Data-driven Hiring Decisions
Metaview secures £4.5m for data-driven hiring platform2021-12-01

UK-based Metaview announced a $6 million Seed Round of venture capital funding for its digital interview app. This brings its total funding to $7.6 million. The deal was led by Vertex Ventures.

Metaview’s founders hail from Uber and Palantir. They were frustrated with the inefficiencies in the hiring process and set out to build a better experience. Their thesis seems to be that by harnessing the ambient data created in digital interviews (video and audio), they can provide better insights that not only result in better hiring decisions but to fuel interview training and coaching. It’s not a bad thesis, and it’s shared by many tech providers.

Digital interview platforms have been evolving since the early 2000s. Today, the two leaders in the enterprise segment would be HireVue and ModernHire. Both capture video and audio and have innovated with AI, machine learning, NLP, behavioral science, and more. Behind HireVue and ModernHire is a long list of innovators like BrightHire, InterviewIA, TalView, Humanly, Clovers, and the list goes on. It’s one of the more mature and fragmented recruiting technology segments. Add the competition from adjacent categories and the digital interview category gets confusing for enterprise buyers of HR technology.

That’s not to say that there isn’t room for a better solution. The challenge is differentiating and convincing customers that the cost of switching is worth it.

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