UK-based Cutover announced a $35 million Series B funding round for its work orchestration platform, promising to balance work and automation between humans and machines. This brings its total raised to $54.6 million.

“Work orchestration and observability” across the enterprise is the ultimate promise of Cutover. They stress the ability to collaborate between humans and machines/automated processes. HR tech’s collaboration and communication category has been seeing consistent attention from investors since 2018 and was the top category for global HR technology investment in 2020, receiving $822 million.

The category isn’t just getting attention from emerging startups and apps but also from HCM and work tech legacy players. Digital transformation has been accelerated by COVID-19 and includes many HR tech categories, especially in connecting employees and leaders to communicate and collaborate. Expect this increasingly crowded category to see more investment and innovation.

$5 billion was invested in HR technology globally during 2020. Get the full report for free, here.

Source: Cutover secures milestone $35m Series B round

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