Entering 2020 learning is square in the sights of both employers and investors. As business and technology evolves and transforms rapidly, pains caused by a shortage of skills and talent become more acute. The focus on skilling/re-skilling/upskilling (pick your buzzword) your workforce is driving innovation across both L&D teams and tech shops focused on the next generation of learning experience and technology.

Udemy just announced its latest round of funding at $50 million, and looks to be targeting improvements to their offering for employers and the workforce. A good move for a vendor more known as a marketplace of content than a learning platform.

We continue to watch the learning space closely and expect more big announcements from platform vendors and innovators alike. Look for additional merger/acquisition activity in the near future.

Source: Online learning marketplace Udemy raises $50M at a $2B valuation from Japanese publisher Benesse | TechCrunch

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