U.K.-based Unmind just raised $10 million in the crowded employee wellbeing market for its app focused on mental health.

Any apps or services that help human beings with mental health is a very good thing. The impact of myriad mental health issues on personal wellbeing, individual health, happiness, or in the workplace productivity, engagement, overall culture is massive. That said, we also have too many apps that we’re pushing into the workplace – and employee wellbeing is one of the areas where apps are proliferating. Mental wellness, physical wellness, financial wellness, career wellness apps and more are flooding the market directly to employers and through insurance broker channels. HRWins sees the future of wellbeing in the enterprise shifting to more of a platform/marketplace that offers employers the ability to curate the wellness offerings that suit their culture, demographics, regions, and budgets. We saw this begin to emerge with Lifeworks. We now expect to see acquisitions and “roll ups” in this category along with emerging startups focused on the approach.

In the HRFederation 2020 HCM Trends Report the maturity of employee total wellbeing was called out. Learn more about the trend there.

Source: We’ve Just Raised $10 Million to Improve Employee Mental Health

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