Employee communications and collaboration apps have been one of the leading categories in HR tech investment for the last three years. U.K.-based OurPeople has just raised USD $2 million to enter the category and focus on “deskless workers.” Most businesses have a large number of employees that aren’t tethered to a desk, whether that means they are on the shop floor, “on-property,” working remotely, or “in the field.” Managing a large workforce that is not in front of a screen all day comes with its own unique challenges. It’s also where most of the world works. Healthcare, professional services, retail, construction, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and hospitality are all industries that share the challenges associated with communicating to, and managing, a non-desk workforce.

The need for seamless communications, designed for employees in a mobile-first approach has increased with the rising number of people working remotely due to COVID-19. We expect to see more investor activity and innovation in this category.


Source: OurPeople, the team communication and engagement platform, raises $2M

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