Software as a Service, or Service as a Software? Let the customer decide. A blend of service, tech, and outsourcing allows the providing vendor to focus on, and have more impact on, delivering desired business outcomes. Seems to be the essence of the message at Amberjack, which extends from assessments to process and automation for early career level positions.

From LDC Private Equity:

Amberjack, the UK’s market leading specialist in designing and delivering Early Careers and large scale recruitment programmes for blue chip organisations, has secured an £17.6million investment from leading mid-market private equity investor LDC.Based in Berkshire, Amberjack provides its specialist services and software products to many of the UK’s largest employers, with a particular focus on Early Careers candidates – specifically graduates, school leavers and apprenticeship programmes. It uses proprietary cloud-based software tools to automate processes, manage application volumes and provide data driven insights to help assess and select candidates and also provide a professional experience to candidates. Its clients include major organisations such as Unilever, GSK, Mars, Network Rail, BP, Heathrow Airport, Virgin Media Liberty Global and members of the Big Four.

Source: LDC invests £17.6m in leading early careers recruitment technology firm Amberjack | LDC

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