Bill Kutik fires off questions about HR and tech trends in rapid succession. That’s why his show is called “Firing Line.”

Bill has been covering this market long enough to be called its grandfather.  So, when he invited me to stop by the Firing Line and answer a few questions about HR tech, I didn’t take it lightly. He asked the questions in ways that only Bill can. “Is all of this talk about AI just more BS?” might have been my favorite. He takes me through my paces on AI for HR, whether companies are actually getting around to making employee engagement better or not, and why the small and medium business (SMB) segment is getting so much attention – and should it?

I don’t take those trends, or their impact on the workforce, lightly. In my quest to provide real context for HR professionals I made sure to mention at least one real world example – and even name the employer.

I could talk all day about any one of those HR topics, but there is good news for you. Bill and his professional team of editors kept the whole thing under seven minutes.

Interested in whether I think AI is BS?How to actually improve employee engagement? Which employers will see the most HR tech innovation? Here are my answers.

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