Much of what gets discussed about employee experience (EX) in HR tech circles focuses on the digital aspect of employee experience. However, employee experience is the sum total of the tangible and intangible experiences that your employees have. We look at employee experience across three dimensions: cultural, technical, and physical. The physical aspect of EX is an area that is getting disrupted right now by the COVID-19 crisis. Workers have been jettisoned into working remote, and where they aren’t remote the physical aspects of the work experience are changing drastically as social distancing looks like a reality for the foreseeable future. As plans for returning to work are being made, utilization of the workspace is going to be a key element of any plans. Once back in the office, employers will require up to the minute views on how space is being utilized to have a true picture of employee safety. The physical aspect of employee experience is where HR and operations overlap in the large enterprise, but it can be core to HR’s responsibilities in the middle market.

Switzerland-based Locatee just raised USD $4 million to help employers with analytics for their workspace utilization. Working with data from motion sensors, LAN, and Wifi networks the startup brings these disparate data points together to help employers understand their workplace utilization rates.


Source: Locatee secured $4 million in Series A funding – Locatee

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