Spain-based Jobandtalent Raises USD $500 Million for Its Job Board Marketplace
Europe – Jobandtalent raises $500 million in Series E funding round2021-12-01

Spain-based  Jobandtalent announced a $500 million in Series E Round of venture capital with a valuation of $2.35 Billion for its job board marketplace. The round was led by Kinnevik and SoftBank. This brings its total raised to $1.1 billion, most of it ($800 million +) raised in 2021.

Jobandtalent provides what it calls a workforce-as-a-service platform. Essentially it’s a job board marketplace connecting temporary/contract workers to jobs. It operates as a virtual temp staffing firm, handling everything including paying the worker. It’s not clear how much of the work on the platform is true temporary employment, versus “gig work.”  The company reports that it has secured jobs for “100,000 workers in the first 9 months of 2021 alone, providing them with the benefits and security of full time employment.” Job security, peace of mind, and professional growth for the worker are pillars of its marketing message. 

Jobandtalent currently operates in 9 markets and is actively hiring for roles across Europe and in the US. The company reports growth of 130% annually.

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