Scope announced a $2.25 million Seed round of venture capital for its marketplace of tech implementers for the SMB, bringing its total raised to $3.4 million.

Scope aims to solve the pains of implementation and integration that plagues small businesses as they select technology to satisfy customers and compete with larger brands locally and globally. They position themselves as a sort of on demand systems integrator for the SMB.

From their announcement:

Today, every business needs to be tech enabled or fear being left behind. Unfortunately, most businesses either don’t have the talent or the capacity to implement these technologies impacting the ability for software vendors to get them onboarded. At Scope, we believe that by connecting people we can bring every business into the 21st century and get them implemented the right way.

SMB employers not only make up the market segment with the largest number of employers, but collectively they also have the largest number of employees, and payroll spend. The key to success for work technology in this segment lies in its ability to integrate into the core HCM and payroll provider suites and leverage those ecosystems as a channel. Scope seems well suited for this.

 We estimate the global market for HR technology in all categories to be $380 billion. The SMB is about 2/3 of that.

$5 billion was invested in HR technology globally in 2020. Get the full report, here.

Source: Announcing our $2.25M Series Seed – Scope

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