Robin Powered raised $20 million to impact a significant part of the employee experience – the physical workspace. Most of the chatter we hear about employee experience in the HR tech bubble is really an evolution of employee engagement data and HR tech adoption. This scratches at the surface of two critical aspects of employee experience, being cultural and technical. However, the third significant aspect is the physical experience. The physical aspect of employee experience covers the work environment, commute/travel, well-being, and the way the employees feel interacting within the workspace. Robin Powered is the second company to land venture capital in the last few weeks with focus on this vital aspect of employee experience.

From TechCrunch:

Robin Powered, a startup looking to help offices run better, has today announced the close of a $20 million Series B funding. The round was led by Tola Capital, with existing investors Accomplice and FirstMark participating in the round, along with a new strategic Allegion Ventures.Robin started as part of an agency called One Mighty Roar, where Robin Powered cofounder Sam Dunn and his two cofounders built out RFID and beacon tech for clients’ live events. In 2014, they spun out the tech as Robin and tweaked the focus on the modern office.The office stands to be one of the least efficient pieces of any business. As a company grows, or even if it doesn’t, it’s particularly difficult to understand the ‘inventory’ of the office and how it is used by workers throughout the day.

Source: Robin picks up $20 million Series B to optimize the office | TechCrunch

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