Q3 2023 Global Work Tech VC

Our Quarterly Look Back and Look Forward

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring George LaRocque, Founder and Chief Analyst of WorkTech, as he presents the highly anticipated Q3 2023 Global Work Tech VC Update Live.

In this exclusive session, George will delve into the latest data and trends in the HR Tech and Work Tech market and investment landscape for the third quarter of 2023, providing a comprehensive overview of the year to date. With his expert analysis, he will put market dynamics and investment trends into perspective, offering valuable insights for HR and Talent Leaders, Work Tech and HR Tech providers, and Investors.

DATE: Wednesday, October 4th, 2023  TIME*11:30 am Eastern  *8:30 am Pacific  *4:30 pm London Time

This webinar is a must-attend event, especially if you’re gearing up for the HR Tech Conference and Innovation Investor Summit in Las Vegas during the week of October 9th, as well as the rest of the fall event season. George LaRocque’s presentation promises to equip you with essential knowledge to navigate and capitalize on the ever-evolving Work Tech and HR Tech landscape.


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Q3 2023 Global Work Tech VC Update








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