PeopleGrove raised $4.7 Million Series A to connect students and professionals to mentors. We’ve seen funding of a few coaching and mentoring platforms. While mentoring and coaching programs are not new for leadership development, we’re not sure how budget for this niche stands up against areas like performance management, feedback, or engagement communications and collaboration apps.

From the PeopleGrove website:

PeopleGrove, an online platform that connects students with alumni and mentors before, during, and after university, has closed a $4.7 million Series A round of financing led by Reach Capital, with participation from Bisk Ventures, Collaborative Fund, GSV Acceleration, Launch Capital, Riverpark Ventures, and University Ventures.At a time when universities need to serve an increasingly diverse range of students and demonstrate value, PeopleGrove provides the tangible support systems necessary for students to get the most from their educational experience and investment. With the PeopleGrove platform, universities can now enable meaningful connections between students, alumni, staff, peers, mentors, instructors, and more.

Source: PeopleGrove Raises $4.7 Million in Series A Financing Round Led By Reach Capital

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