Another deal highlighting market segment specialization. The services segment is hot. I expect to see more HR tech apps and platforms focused there. This is less about market consolidation and more about standing out in a growing and fragmented marketplace. 

From their press release:

Intuo offers an integrated talent enablement platform that provides an alternative to the traditional yearly evaluation cycle and engagement survey. It meets the performance management needs of a modern, non-traditional digital workforce that is project/task driven and works to a flexible schedule, characterized by a lack of hierarchy, multiple reporting lines, multi-employment etc. Business leaders can easily plan and develop talent through continuous conversations and in the moment performance management which leads to a more accurate and helpful understanding of an employee’s performance. Continuous people appraisal and feedback loops make work more meaningful, keeping multi-generational teams engaged and helping people grow.

Source: Unit4 Acquires Intuo; Extends HCM offering to Better Support Modern Workforces in the Services Economy | Business Wire

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