Hiring and talent assessments have largely seen incremental innovation from the days of filling bubbles on paper with number 2 pencils to web and then mobile interfaces. While the experience became digital, it is essentially the same as it was. Traitify set out to change that when it took assessments to a visual format using pictures and a user experience that candidates can easily engage wit. Their mission was “to make assessments fun, enjoyable, and offer some reciprocity to the employee or candidate.” These aren’t terms we usually hear about the assessment experience. This visual experience, supported by rigorous behavioral science validity studies and user testing, has been a success. The Traitify assessments have been taken more than 20 million times with a completion rate higher than 96%. Its visual and mobile native format was attractive to Paradox, the enterprise recruiting conversational AI platform, which acquired the firm in 2021.

After the Paradox acquisition, Traitify didn’t stop innovating the assessment experience. In fact, well before conversations about that started they had set out to make the experience even more fun and engaging while adding an added goal of making the process more inclusive with rigorous validation studies to ensure neutrality across gender, race, and age. Earlier this year, Paradox introduced their customers and the market to Ash, an animated assessment avatar.

The Traitify team stopped by WorkTech to discuss Traitify’s journey of innovating assessments, Ash’s launch, and how it’s been received by customers. Ash even makes a few appearances during our conversation.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • what sparked Traitify to bring assessments into the visual realm
  • the importance of rigorous validation in assessment science
  • how Ash was designed and developed
  • what the future looks like for Ash

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Enjoy the discussion!

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