Beekeeper develops an internal communications platform focused on businesses with non-desk workers that they say is “all the workplace tools you need in one intuitive platform.” Managing a large workforce that is not in front of a screen all day comes with its own unique challenges. It’s also where most of the world works. Healthcare, professional services, retail, construction, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and hospitality are all industries that share the challenges associated with communicating to, and managing, a non-desk workforce. Beekeeper has integrated real-time communication (peer-to-peer chat, chat bots), automated workflows, integrations to core systems, surveys, intuitive employee directories, and more into one platform that employees access via their smartphone.

Whether communicating urgent messages (think safety), or helping execute (think real-time collaboration), or keeping the business running (think shift scheduling and sharing), or understanding engagement in the field (think analytics), Beekeeper aims to make it easy for managers and employee to engage each other at the right time, with the right content. It’s this approach that put them on the 2017 HRWins Top HR Companies To Watch List.

When your employees are providing the customer experience, the right employee experience can impact brand, revenue, customer satisfaction, and more. Providing a mobile solution with built in translation to provide onboarding,  critical employee communications, employee surveys, recognition, directories, and integrating other communications and content via APIs, Beekeeper is leveraging experience to help digitize workforces that aren’t behind a desk. This sounds like meeting workers where they are today and leading them to the work of the future.

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