Lithuania-based Discontract announced a $180K pre-Seed Round of funding for its gig-worker marketplace focused on home help. This brings its total raised to $500K. The deal was led by CoInvest Capital.

Job board marketplaces have been the leading category for work tech investment since WorkTech started tracking the deal flow in 2016. Long gone are the days of simple job ad display, job board marketplaces have been bringing specialization, new tech, and value beyond the job to candidate match for years.  Startup Next Station, like other models we’ve seen this quarter, is blending staffing services with tech and employer branding, aiming to provide better experiences for candidates and employers.

$13.7  billion was invested globally in work tech through Q3 2021 across 299 deals. WorkTech Market Insiders can access insights and analysis of all of the deals in our Q3 report with a free membership.


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