Joonko raises a $2.4 Million Seed round for its recruiting app that looks to be a combination of recruitment marketing and CRM with an algorithm to reduce biases in the recruiting process. Their website asks employers to move candidate and employee data from their ATS and HR systems to then allow Joonko to do matching and email messaging on an ongoing basis. Joonko also claims to “Attract an ever-growing pipeline¬†of qualified, underrepresented candidates effortlessly and instantly.”

We’re seeing an increasing number of recruiting and talent management apps that are focused on D&I and we expect to see more in the coming year. This is a good thing. Employers need all of the help they can get to tackle this. However, we caution employers not to view diversity and inclusion as an issue that can be solved with technology alone.


Source: It’s Not a Pipeline Issue: Joonko Raises $2.4M in Seed Round, Led by Alabama Futures Fund

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