Words matter. In B2B marketing, a strong message can cut through the hype and resonate with the buyers you want to talk to, productively polarizing the market, while differentiating you from the competition in the process. Messaging isn’t easy for startups. The need for a strong message is often confused with the desire to sound like no one else to the degree where the buyer can’t fit you into their vision for a solution. Even worse if the message is laden with buzz words and tech-speak. The challenge is to meet the customer where they are with your messaging so that they understand what you do and how you can help, while then differentiating yourself.

That’s what concerns me with jane.ai rebranding to Capacity while trying to re-categorize themselves as a knowledge-sharing platform. The re-categorization is more concerning than the name change. I like the name “Capacity,” and the fad of naming the company/product a human name is sort of, well, done.
Buyers, especially those in HR tech, have been on a steep learning curve over the last few years. In what feels like overnight AI, and process automation via conversational interfaces/platforms (chatbots and messaging) have gone from seeming like robot science fiction to a reality to leverage in the HR tech stack. “Knowledge sharing” fits into the customer’s lexicon, however in the learning and development space. I’m not sure that what’s Jane, errr Capacity, is going for.

All of that said, creating or changing a category can be done. It takes persistent and consistent branding and messaging, supported with thought leadership and customer advocacy. It’s expensive. And, $13.2 million isn’t close to enough money to shift the conversation.


Source: VatorNews | Jane.ai rebrands as Capacity, raises $13.2 million

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