ModernLoop Raises a $3.3M Seed Round for Interview Scheduling Setting Sights on Recruiting Ops
Recruiting operations platform ModernLoop lands $3.3M to create better technical hiring experiences2021-10-05

ModernLoop raised a $3.3M Seed Round of venture capital with interview scheduling as its primary use case and now sets its sights on recruiting operations. The deal was led by Accel.

While it’s true that interview scheduling is big component of recruiting operations, there doesn’t seem to be any visible messaging or focus beyond that use case speaking to the depth of recruitment operations in most middle market or large enterprise environments. Recruiting ops teams tend to work within and across the recruiting tech stack and analytics tools with a focus on candidate and user expeirence, workflow, reporting, and data in the same way revenue ops teams would work across the sales and marketing stacks supporting customer facing teams.

It’s early days for ModernLoop. We look forward to getting a closer look at them in the wild. They’ve chosen a crowded point of entry with interview scheduling. The competitive landscape isn’t just point solutions in the category but capabilities embedded in every major recruiting system and platform.

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