During the fall of 2012 Executives at HR Technology vendors started asking me if there was a place where they could learn about marketing strategies and tactics that were working and that were specific to HCM.  What trends were going to impact HCM Marketing in the near future? Was there anywhere they could learn about, and from, the Human Resources buyer.  Somewhere they could get perspective on the differences between Enterprise or SMB marketing specific to HCM.   I looked.  There wasn’t.  I decided  to do something about it.

Introducing InfluenceHR

On May 13, 2013 CEOs, CMOs, and other Customer-facing Executives from vendors that are marketing and selling products to the Human Resources buyer will get together in San Francisco where for one day we’re pulling back the curtain on HCM marketing. Screw buzzwords and meaningless jargon. We’re going to nail down that marketing moving target so you can focus on market share and competitive advantage.

For one day, you’ll have exclusive access to HR buyers, market-leading analysts and trailblazing peers. The panelists and speakers are heading up their own companies’ strategies, so they know what the hell they’re talking about. From enterprise-level market domination to startup innovation, we’re going to have it all. And so can you.

InfluenceHR is for for Executives that want to transform the way they market to the HR Buyer.  This is one day you can’t afford to miss.  Check out the speakers, panelists and sponsors we’ve got lined up.

SPONSORSHIP:  Sponsorship opportunities are limited.  Email to learn more about any available sponsorship opportunities.


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