Imperative announced a $3 million investment round and the release of its fully automated peer coaching technology platform which they position as ideal for the “post COVID-19 workforce.”

We talked to Imperative founder, Aaron Hurst recently. Imperative is focused on managers and teams for scripted one-on-one coaching conversations. In a more distributed world of work, this is a valuable tool for leaders, however not a differentiating feature. Several of the modern coaching apps that are enabling “internal coaching,” versus providing access to an external “coaching marketplace,” provide this. What did stand out, however, were Imperative’s automated capabilities that build employee networks and the value and insights this can provide for both the employee and leadership team.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, tech for leadership and development was seeing an increasing focus with HR and talent leaders exploring new approaches in talent management, learning, coaching, and employee experience. Imperative joins a fragmented and competitive category of HR tech.

Source: Peer coaching will be essential to the post COVID-19 workforce

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