We’re well on our way to completing more than 120 product briefings for the 2012 #hrwins   Trends are starting to take shape.

Starting off we’ll look at trends in HR Tech innovation at a high level.  We’ll save getting more granular on market segments, vendors/products, and specific technologies after considering the forces driving innovation.

The seemingly biggest  influence behind HR Tech innovation?

Ongoing rapid change in the way work itself gets done is profoundly impacting workplaces everywhere.  The HR department and the technology vendors supporting the space are no exceptions.  As vendors, what applications of these new technologies should we develop? As HR Pros, what should we select for the new Talent Enterprise?  For both, what is a trend toward the next generation of Talent Enterprise?  and what is a passing fancy?

Both HR and the HR Tech vendors have their challenges cut out for them when trying to predict where to put their focus. The HR Pros are trying to address how the emergence of  new generations in the workforce, new behaviors, new technologies, and new economic realities impact Enterprise HR issues.  HR Technology Selection across most segments involves not just adoption of the technology and concepts by HR, but by the workforce to some degree, sometimes even in it’s entirety.  HR Tech Vendors, new and old, rally to respond with new approaches addressing the entire Employee Lifecycle.  Some working the lifecycle and it’s major parts from end to end (platform) – some in part (point solutions).  

The result is a current barrage of “solutions” even more prolific than what we experienced through the Internet Bubble.  The recession and the inefficiencies inherent in the job/talent market have inspired new waves of entrepreneurs, upstarts, and established legacy vendors to improve the way work gets done.

Emerging products all fit nicely into today’s HR Tech Buzzword Bingo Card:  Cloud Computing, Consumerization, Socialization of Everything, Mobile, Big Data, and more.

If only it was as easy as just adopting one of the technologies trending in the current innovation wave.

Finding trendy innovation is easy.  Understanding which innovation will add sustainable value, and which vendors really get it….That’s anything but easy.

With #hrwins reports, we’re attempting to share a real understanding of where innovation is taking place in the HR Technology landscape, who is making it happen, and who you should be watching.

Learn more about #hrwins.  Vendors, schedule a briefing for your product.


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