It’s that time of year.

After taking briefings with HUNDREDS of HR Technology vendors representing products across the entire HR process life-cycle in the last year, we’re ready to start publishing our #hrwins Trend Reports.  We will also begin to zero in on the 2013 list of #hrwins Companies To Watch.  All together, #hrwins is the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.

I’m happy to report that innovation is alive and well in our world of HR Technology.  I’m encouraged by the passion I’ve experienced with vendors established, brand new, and everything in between.  Passion not only to provide products and services that help HR win, but passion to do a better job understanding HR as a customer, buyer, or colleague, and to improve how they communicate, market to, and engage with HR.  This is the true spirit of #hrwins and why it was launched in 2012.

We’re excited to start publishing the #hrwins Trend Reports.  I think you’ll find them interesting.  We’ll look at innovation from both a technology and HR process perspective.


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