2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch

The results of the 2012 #hrwins program are in.   The first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.

The program spanned 9 months, and consisted of comprehensive HR Technology briefings, where more than 120 vendors were evaluated on their solution’s innovation, the value their technology delivers to the Human Resources profession, and the overall viability of their products.  Vendors in virtually all segments of Human Resources Technology were evaluated.  This year’s #hrwins concludes with 20 HR Technology Vendors receiving the distinction of “HR Companies To Watch”.

When HR Technology vendors innovate they create an opportunity for HR, and the business of getting work done, to proceed to a much more desirable level.  When HR Technology vendors innovate, HR wins, hence #hrwins was born.

I’m happy to report that Innovation in HR Technology is alive and well.  All of the vendors we’ve seen are providing value to the marketplace at some level.   I would love to recognize every single one.   All that participated deserve a huge thank you.  The winners truly stood out from the pack.

As we begin to report on each vendor, it’s clear to me that, more than ever before, HR has opportunities to leverage technology to take the business of getting work done to a place where it’s impacting business results in a direct and indisputable way.  My goal is to help HR sift through the noise in the tech market to discover where the most relevant innovations are happening for them.

Each of the 20 vendors receiving this distinction will have a report here on larocqueinc.com outlining the innovation they are delivering to help HR win.  These vendor reports will start next week.  We are continuing to publish #hrwins Trend Reports ongoing, which are not vendor specific, outlining the technology and solution trends found through the #hrwins program.  All of the #hrwins reports are published free of charge.  If you want to be sure not to miss one, we have #hrwins Alerts available.


The 2012 #hrwins HR Companies to watch, listed in alphabetical order, are:


Bullhorn – The Bullhorn Reach product has transcended the third-party staffing segment Bullhorn is normally recognized for, and has become a borderline industry standard for marketing of jobs via social media, as well as comprehensive social network monitoring.   100,000 users should be enough for HR to take notice.


Ceridian Dayforce  – The Ceridian Dayforce platform has delivered what would normally be found in a disparate list of HR technology solutions, but in one platform with a single interface.  This provides an incredible improvement for HR Pros at companies of all sizes.  The kind of innovation that helps HR focus on their workforce and not chasing changes to Employee Records through multiple interfaces.


Ebsta – Ebsta transcends the corporate sales and third-party staffing verticals and is a tool HR should become familiar with.   A CRM-based Talent Sourcing Tool that seamlessly integrates data and context across all of the systems a Recruiter uses on a constant basis.


Gild – Gild finds technical talent, aggregates their social data, and rates the quality of their work.  Gild scores can be integrated into a customer’s ATS/TM system.  They also provide event based “quizzes”, delivered across a mobile platform, gamifying the sourcing of talent.


HireVue – HireVue started with online interviewing has taken it to a new level… a Digital Interviewing Platform.  Truly adding value to hiring decisions with more than just the benefits of video.  With the introduction of mobile solutions, and their recent acquisition of the CodeEval product, look for HireVue to continue to innovate even more value into hiring decisions.


iMomentous – While most have been distracted building mobile interfaces, or stand alone apps, in front of their Talent Acquisition and Talent Management processes, iMomentous has been developing and delivering a scalable mobile platform that promises amazing results via an easy to implement and use interface.  Elegant, and fully featured solutions span Talent Acquisition, Talent Referral Engines, and Employee Collaboration and Engagement.


Jobscience – A Social Talent Acquisition and Talent Management solution built on the robust Salesforce platform.  Jobscience is also making moves in Candidate/Individual Social Identity Control and Mobile Interviewing. Jobscience has quietly become one of the most successful products built on Salesforce.com for the Mid and Enterprise markets.


LinkedIn – Clearly an innovator of Social Networks.  Recent innovations provide LinkedIn customers in HR with opportunities to target passive candidates via Big Data.  They also continue to innovate in ways that help customers strengthen their Employer Brand and increase conversions.


Lumesse – Lumesse has moved market leading Talent Management Products to a single platform, while introducing innovation via Agile Learning.   The Enterprise is able to keep up with the need for rapid content development for Learning and Development.  Whether it’s needed for highly structured courses or rapid situational response content delivery.


Modern Survey – The Modern Survey “Heat” Platform blends HR, Customer, and Business Performance data, then wraps it with Analytics that provide the entire Enterprise an easy to use, easy to understand, constant monitor of existing results and a predictive view to the future.


RiseSmart – RiseSmart has innovated in the age old Outplacement Industry with a blend of Employee-centric technology and service that is both efficient for the Corporation and Useful and Impactful for the Employees In Transition.  RiseSmart has incorporated major HR Tech and Service Trends into a complete solution.


SilkRoad – SilkRoad’s Point Product merges Talent Management and Social Collaboration.  Like a “FlipBoard for HR”, it’s easy, intuitive, and fun interface is an incredible leap forward in usability for HR Systems.


SkillSurvey –  SkillSurvey has long innovated in the world of Automated Reference Checking, and has parlayed that experience into Innovations in Talent Sourcing, driving results in building Talent Networks with a focus on quality and conversions, not quantity.


Small Improvements – Visual Performance Management with gamification elements that make the process easy enough for a Small to Medium Size business, but scalable to the Enterprise.


Smashfly Technologies  — A fully featured, SaaS based Recruitment Marketing Platform, complete with Social, Mobile, CRM, and Analytics.  Seemingly the only platform independent end to end Recruitment Marketing Platform.  Rapid and continuous innovation has continued to push this product out in front.


SwoopTalent – Swoop Talent has innovated in the aggregation of candidate social data, but also in the area of Talent Community Development and Employer Branding.  One of the few vendors in their category that provide solutions that cover both the Internal and External Talent Pools.


Talemetry (Talent Technology Corp) – Talemetry Talent Generation suite is long on innovation.  A single search to your internal databases, the social graph, and open web.  A Powerful Symantec engine for ranking and relevance.  Recruitment Marketing and Branding, with Social job distribution.  Streamlined Candidate apply, candidate profile creation, and assessments that improve the Candidate experience.  Seamless integration to Enterprise level Talent Management Systems.


Talent Analytics – An Analytics platform that combines People Data and Business Performance data, then delivers it back at incredibly useful points of time or process.   Users are equipped to make better business decisions and be more effective in their collaboration and work with each other.


TalentBin – The first Social Data Aggregator to move beyond the IT vertical and into other segments.  By indexing the US Patent Database, Customers in other highly technical verticals have a view to Prospective Talent that wasn’t available before.


TheGoodJobs.com – TheGoodJobs is an Employer Branding Platform that connects Candidates to Companies based upon alignment of core values and culture.  While skills are searched and matched, “fit” drives engagement and retention.  The alignment is gamified via icons and badges.  TheGoodJobs looks to become the market standard in cultural alignment.


Congratulations to all of the 2012 #hrwins HR Companies To Watch!

We’ll dwell on this for a while, but we’re already looking forward to 2013, more HR Technology innovation, and a new #hrwins!




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