Don’t miss the 2013 HR Technology® Conference & Expo this October 7-9 at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  If you’re in HR and use technology, or even if technology is your biggest HR headache, you need to be there.  If you’re an HR Technology vendor, I can’t imagine not being present.

If you know about the show and need some additional incentive to go:  Just use the Promo Code LAROCQUE13 (all caps) when you register online to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,895

Look, I’m very selective with which events I attend.  I’ve been in this industry a long time.  There is only one show where you can meet with and/or observe the HR Practitioners, HR Tech Vendors, Investors, Tech Media, Industry Analysts and Thought Leaders, all in one place. That’s HRTech.  If there is one trade show you are going to attend, make it HRTech.

I’ve been going since their first show and year in and year out technology leaders from both HR organizations and Tech Vendors from around the world descend upon the show to engage in discussions and debates on the most relevant topics regarding technology in HR.  You can’t be at HRTech for less than 5 minutes without picking up the buzz in the industry.

HRTech gives you perspective on HR Technology that you can’t get anywhere else.  There have been so many changes in our industry – legacy players have been acquired and new entrants have gobbled up market share.  The pace of innovation in almost every segment is rapid.  There are so many people solving age-old problems in new ways – or – leveraging technology in ways we didn’t imagine a few years ago.  There’s only one place you can see the technology and talk to the users:  HRTech.

If you’re in HR this is invaluable.  You get to make the connections with your peers that are dealing with, or solving, the problems you’re thinking about.  Find out what’s working.  Find out what isn’t.

If you’re an HR Tech vendor, this conference is a branding opportunity, a messaging testing ground, an opportunity to make an impression, and one of your best chances to understand how you can differentiate yourself in the current market.

I’ll be there.  I’ll be in sessions – walking the exhibition floor – tweeting up the conference – and taking meetings with vendors and anyone interested in HR Technology Innovation.  I learn a lot from everyone I meet at HRTech.  I’ve made a lot of friends there over the years.  I really hope you take me up on it.  Whether just to shake your hand, or to help you in any way I can.  Contact me here to schedule a briefing, or to grab a few minutes.

Bill on Podium

You also might get to meet this guy, Bill Kutik, the driving force behind the event.  While he’s passing the torch as conference chair to Steve Boese this year, he’s not leaving the market.  Bill has done more than any one individual I know to shape the market and give it credibility.  Whether you are in HR, or in an HR Technology vendor, it’s your chance to get your business card in his pocket.

Let me make it a little easier for you to attend: Just use the Promo Code LAROCQUE13 (all caps) when you register online to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,895
Don’t waste any time on this.  I hear that hotel rooms are selling out.  Logistics info is all on the show site.

See you in Vegas!

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