Join me this episode where I continue to get real about employee engagement and the way work is changing, and what it all means for HR! I’m also going to give you my thoughts on many of the HR technology product and funding announcements in an extended MarketMinute!

Join me as I’m joined in this episode by CEO and Founder Heidi Holmes  of Mentorloop, a new HR tech firm helping companies identify internal employee/mentor connections, and enabling those relationships to thrive. George and Heidi talk about how employers around the world are using mentor programs in new, innovative ways, like in support of inclusion and diversity initiatives.

Also, I extend the MarketMinute to share my take on many of the new HR tech investments and interesting product announcements that happened in calendar Q1 of 2017. Don’t miss it! Slack, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, WayUp, SAP, PurpleSquirrel, and BeeKeeper are just SOME of the companies covered in this episode!

Enjoy HR MarketWatch!

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