Guatemala-based Platzi Raises USD $62M to Upskill Latin America’s Workforce
Platzi Raises $60M in Series B Funding2021-12-06

Guatemala-based Platzi announced a $62 million Series B Round of venture capital funding. The round was led by Prosus. 

Plazi is a mission-driven learning tech provider that “exists to transform our (Latin America’s) countries into economies of knowledge.” Plazi is offered to both consumers and businesses. The goal is to upskill the workforce in Latin America with education in tech, English, and more, creating economic opportunity in the region.

We’ve been watching the Latin American region develop as an opportunity for work tech. Platzi represents one of the most significant rounds of funding in the region to date.

$13.7  billion was invested globally in work tech through Q3 2021 across 299 deals. 2021 is soaring past $17 billion YTD. WorkTech Market Insiders can access insights and analysis of all of the deals in our Q3 report with a free membership.


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