There is always a lot of hype around jobs and talent acquisition. It starts in the media with a steady stream of data and opinions about the job market, then extends into our world of recruiting with a seemingly unrelenting barrage of new tips, techniques, and technologies. It’s happening right now in the media with a big focus on jobs and skills in the job market, and in recruiting with the increasing hype about Artificial Intelligence or “AI.”

Join me in this new episode of HR MarketWatch. We’ll start with an understanding of how the hype starts and why it’s on a perpetual cycle. I’ll help you get real about AI for recruiting, give you my take on what impact it will have on recruiters’ jobs in the future, and where it will have the biggest positive impact for sourcers, recruiters, and recruiting leaders. We’ll also be joined by the Chief Economist from iCIMS Josh Wright, he’ll share insight from their latest Hiring Trends Report and he shares take-aways for both employers and job seekers.

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I hope you enjoy it!


HR MarketWatch Podcast

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