Germany-based Remi announced a USD $1.42 million Seed round of venture capital for its employee engagement app. Applying some nudge theory from behavioral economics to company culture and employee engagement, Remi hopes to nudge remote teams into working more effectively together.

Launched during the pandemic, the app looks to be a direct response to the remote work trend accelerated by COVID-19. COVID didn’t create the distributed or remote work trends – it accelerated them. It also didn’t create the culture and engagement category. There’s always room for a better app, but Remi joins a category that’s been thriving for more than a decade. Led by firms like Culture Amp, Glint, OfficeVibe, and dozens of others, Remi’s biggest challenges will be getting heard above the noise and then differentiating when they get there.

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Source: Berlin-based Remi raises €1.2 million to become the leading culture building platform for remote teams | EU-Startups

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