Employee communications and collaboration has consistently been one of the leading HCM categories for HR tech investment. With the changes in the way we work, the increasing prevalence of the distributed workforce, and with employee expectations for a more consumerized digital experience in the workplace, it’s no wonder.

Germany-based Flip is the latest startup to raise VC in this growing category with a $4 million raise. They enter a field where the competition isn’t just large players like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook @Work, but incumbent HR tech players like Beekeeper. The question for the entire field of employee messaging/communications apps is how conversational and cross-channel messaging tech – AI and machine learning driven interfaces that work seamlessly across existing messaging apps – will impact their ability to grow market share and/or their attraction to larger platforms for both integration and acquisition.

We’re watching.

Source: Flip raises $4M to pounce on the growing sector of employee messaging | TechCrunch

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