France-based Neobrain announced a USD $3.34 million fundraise to further apply its AI to internal talent mobility and job market research.

The company told EU-Startups that it intends to use the funds to further its product for internal mobility, external job market research, and international expansion. The Neobrain website is even less focused, offering solutions relates to company sentiment and culture analytics, outplacement, and the aforementioned internal and external talent mobility. The approach, at least in messaging, seems to be applying AI to whatever talent-related business issues an enterprise may be up against. We’ve seen automation and AI-related tech providers do better when they apply more focus to a specific category or workflow set. This is an early round of funding for Neobrain. We expect the market will force them to narrow their focus in order to drive success and scale.


Source: Paris-based Neobrain snaps up €3 million to support employees during change | EU-Startups

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