Teamflow announced a $35 million Series B round of VC funding for its virtual workplace and collaboration app. This brings its total raised to $49.9 million.

CEO Flo Crivello discussed the funding with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque. In the interview they discussed:

  • The Teamflow product and how it works
  • Timing of the funding and market conditions during COVID that acclerated Teamflow’s pace of fundraising. (The company launched in July of 2020)
  • Fundraising during a pandemic
  • Teamflow’s plans for the funding

Teamflow is one of many new work tech solutions that were launched as the global COVID-19 crisis pushed the “back office” workforce into remote work. As employers struggle with the on-again-off-again nature of the “return to the workplace,” it will be interesting to see what adoption looks like for tools like Teamflow.

$7.6 billion was invested globally in work and HR technology during H1 2021, with $4.9 billion in Q2 2021 alone. Get all of the details as a free WorkTech Market Insider in our quarterly report.

Enjoy the discussion!

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